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About Us

Shore Lasers specializes in laser engraving and personalizing almost anything imaginable.

From full wall sized granite murals, backsplashes, Stone/Tile work (both interior and exterior), glass, Notebook PC's, iPods, Gifts, Awards, Signs, Photos. We can etch virtually any design on almost anything you can think of.

Give us a challenge, we welcome the opportunity to surprise you!

Our staff of experts in "Laserology (TM)" will provide you with an expert analysis/evaluation of your ideas, projects and materials to be laser engraved. We strive to make sure we use all our skills to give you your desired result. Shore Lasers provides quality design, installation and consulting services for all of your etching/engraving needs. It is our mission to provide the highest quality work and products to meet your unique requirements while providing the highest level of customer service.

Shore Lasers, LLC, currently provides services to Small and Medium Businesses, Commercial Primary contractors and Sub-contractors, as well as residential homes and home offices.

Our Mission is to create memorable, high-quality products utilizing the strictest criteria for craftsmanship and design.

Our artistic and technical expertise is matched by our exceptional attention to details and customer service.

At Shore Lasers, we're not satisfied until you are!

Shore Lasers "Where your imagination finds the light..."


Service Offerings

Shore Lasers provides the following service offerings:

Industrial Contracting

Custom Cutting for Part Prototyping and Model making
Serial Numbering Plates & Secure Part Identification
Commercial Signs
Laser Marking
Template creation

Businesses Served

Tile Setters/Stoneworkers
Photographers and Printers
Pet Shops
Builders/Home Remodelers

Business Applications

Custom Signage
Laser ID marking for security
Customized Displays
Promotional Items
Secure ID Badge/Name Tags
Custom Laser cutting and marking
Employee Awards

Residential Applications

Bathroom/ Kitchen Murals
Backsplashes and ceramic tile
Cabinet Doors
Switch plates, door kick plates
Glass Block etching



Jay Bovasso

Shore Lasers is owned and operated by Jay Bovasso. Jay is originally from Jersey City and has been a Long Branch, NJ resident for 18 years. Jay has been in the technology/IT field for over 25 years.

Always having an interest in unique art forms, most notably Holograms, Jay stumbled across Laser Engraving and became enthralled with it. After much research he wound up buying a laser, experimenting and getting fantastic results. Now he is importing materials and doing work for a few Asbury Park, NJ boutiques where he is becoming known for his unique laser Sign Art and other techno laser art.

Jay BovassoJay does not take and order. Each piece is a session of getting to know the customer and what they have in mind. It would be simple to just pick out a display medium and use some scanned art work from a book, but anyone can do that. At Shore Lasers even the simple requests get a lot of attention from Jay's artful eye. Each order has a certain uniqueness to it.

Jay's goal is to one day open up a shop to display and sell his creations. He is currently collaborating with a glass artist and various other artists on projects. While Shore Lasers is going to sell signs and other everyday commodities the artful side of the laser creations is where his passion lies. You may start out with a sign or a coaster but you will definitely be back for something more creative, personal, unique.






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